Wednesday, April 2, 2008

can't nothing good happen in oregon...

So when I first read about a trangender man named Thomas Beatie allegedly being five months pregnant on, I have to say I didn't really believe it. Especially since they had video footage from a local news channel that debunked the claim homeboy/girl originally made in The Advocate. But now, Mama Oprah herself is about to get involved!!!
Apparently Tommy Boy is very much knocked up and planning to give birth to a little girl in July. The Big O interviewed dude's wife (yes he's married and no, she can't get pregnant), the couple's doctor, family, etc. MY GOD. Is this what it takes to get on Oprah's couch nowadays?
PS Not for nothing, doesn't this story kinda feel like it should be on Geraldo or Jerry Springer instead? I guess Oprah ain't all that damn changed from the early days, huh...

Here's the story on Rueters:


  1. LOL. I saw this story on some site a few days ago, and was hella confused by it. I didn't think it was a real situation. I mean, I guess it makes sense. It's crazy though. I can't believe Oprah's picking up on it!

  2. I have no words. Ok I had a few when I first read the story. Most of the words should not be repeated. But WHAT THE F&%k IS GOING ON WITH THE WORLD??!!! Now the thing that kills me is that there are probably some folks who think this ISH is f&*kin' cool! DAYUM. As far as Oprah goes...well you know she gotta keep it gutta e're now and then for old time sakes...