Wednesday, April 23, 2008

too educated for my own good...

Okay, so I actually made it to the gym yesterday (woo hoo, go me). And while running to my death on the treadmill, guess what played on the 80s mix channel? Janet Jackson's video for 'Nasty Boys'!! Can I tell you I almost fell off the machine in glee? Remember how DOPE Janet used to be when you could actually understand the words coming out of her mouth? "No, my first name ain't Baby. it's Janet. Mz. Jackson if you nasty!"-wet n' wild weave, shoulder pads, hammer pants and all (bonus points for Paula Abdul sitting in the semi-dark movie theater working that little neck like a straight chicken)! LOVES IT!!!
Then I arrive home and there's an email from my girl Nicole-which is normally never a bad thing. Inside the email is a link to the "latest underground urban hit." according to Perez Hilton. Notice, I say that with quotes... It's entitled, Smell Yo D*ck. I know, I know, the title alone should've been enough to keep me from clicking, but like any good train wreck, I had to check it out. Dear God.
Am I old? Or is it that I have too much home training? Okay, seriously? Is this even music? And then folks wonder why there are days that I have to disassociate from the 'urban' contingency completely. I abhor ignorance.
Question, will YOU be jammin' on the ones to this the next time I see you in da club?


  1. well i am just outdone on this one. i guess there's something to be said for women's empowerment....mmm maybe not.

  2. That song and video make me both envy the life of Helen Keller. The madness must stop.