Monday, April 7, 2008

on the back, legs wide open...

Okay, have you ever been so tired you want to take a time out from your ENTIRE life? You know, where every inch of your body aches and you cant wishing you were somewhere warm without internet or cell phone access? That's where I'm at. Just doing what I can to make it through. PS, isn't Q-Tip hilarious? Cecile wants the world to know that he is NOT allowed to be on the sofa! Um Cecile, apparently Q-Tip ain't tryin' to hear all them rules and regulations... HA!
With that said, am I the only who in the world who could care less whether or not Beyonce and Jay-Z got married this past weekend? I'm not hating but... seriously? It's been six years, why is anyone surprised? I am pleased that they decided to do a small private ceremony. But I got $25 on it that Instyle got an exclusive on those wedding photos. Just wait till the wedding issue drops.
Speaking of weddings and having 25 on it-I wonder if Papose and Remy Ma are going to attract that kind of media frenzy when they get hitched in the clink? Now see, that right there is a wedding that I want to see pictures from!

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  1. Allegedly Remy and Papoose are registered at hold Everything