Wednesday, May 7, 2008

my hair hates me...

Sigh, I'm having a really bad hair moment. My 'fro is fighting me at every step and I'm really starting to think that that this whole natural hair thing is for the birds. Yeah, I siad it- it might be time to slap a good old fashioned perm up in this nappy head of mine.
I am sick and tired of losing an hour and a half of my life combing this hot ass mess out. Not to mention what it does to my carpal tunnel. I get out of the shower feeling like a cripple. It's crazy.
And let's not talk about all these new gray hairs are popping up. I really don't want to dye my hair but if I see one more gray hair, I'm going to scream. My mom rationalized the newest patch that just sprouted up in the front of my head by saying that I'm 32 and that's what happens when you get old. Geez, thanks Elsa.
Honestly, I think I need a good haircut but my lazy ass likes to pull my hair up in a ponytail. Can't do the pony puff without the length. Besides, I'm afraid that if I go into the salon feeling funky and undecisive, I might come out with no hair at all.
Perhaps I need suggestions. What color do you think I should dye my hair? Should I perm it? Maybe I should just wear a dramatic Beyonce-esque weave for a little while until I decide what I want to do... holler at the kid.


  1. I feel you! I've been natural for 4 years now and I think it 's time I go back to the relaxer. Sometimes being grown and sexy also means realizing that hair grows back. Do your thing!

  2. Loc it up girl...I've been natural for 5 years and loced for going on four of those's the best decision I've ever made. Despite common beliefs, there is still versatility with locs and your hair and scalp could never be more healthy. You'll say goodbye to your comb forever (or as long as you have locs.)

  3. My vote is for Beyonce's braided cornrows circa "Say My Name" ... The African shop next to my crib will do it for cheap! You want the number? And after you finish, head 'round the corner to Hot Point on Jamaica Ave and get you a faux Tina Knowles get up. They got pleather hot pants and all that!

    LOL!!! xo

  4. its time to see edris. go steam, have some wine, talk ish and do some two strand twists...and don't hit me back like i dont know what the diva with the magic hands costs. as you always tell me, "You're worth it."

  5. i FEEL you. been naturally nappy for almost ten years and done it all! and for real, started hitting up the dominicians for a blow out cause they are fast and cheap. bad move! my hair is still recovering (and still falling out). so do a relaxer if you feel like it. it is faster and easier.

    personally, i still enjoy the versatility of natural hair but i am all for whatever works for YOU!


  6. Don't perm it! Chemicals are so toxic. Maybe try braids with extensions? It'll give your hair a rest while you decide what to do next! By the way, I love your 'fro but being a natural hair sis myself I know how much of a pain in the ass it can be. But it is getting warm in NYC--wet it, put some product in it, and go!!!!It will look like a "look"! Good luck!

  7. You should do what works for you and what make you feel good. As far as the "wisdom strands" as I call them, yes I highlight b/c I am premature and just turned 30 in March. There is also a stick that you can purchase from the beauty supply store and it works like mascara or there is one that looks like lipgloss, just put it on the strands, it works for me between visits to the salon (every 8 weeks for color) I am natural as well minus the color I don't want a lot of chem's in my hair. So since you have a little popplig out it may do the trick.


  8. All I gotta say is you better not put a perm in your hair. Remember you are the one that talked me into going natural. Whats wrong with you and Carm??? Both of you must have bumped your heads.