Friday, May 30, 2008

yes we were taking pics in the theater...

So me and the crew went to see the very first showing of The Sex In The City movie last night at 12.01am and I have to say, its was super cute.
I was never really a huge fan of the show (gasp, yes it's true). Nevertheless, I decided to join in the bonding moment and trek down to Chelsea Cinemas to see the fabled production. Let's just say, we knew the night was off to a great start when the semi-illiterate usher came to belatedly inform us that we everyone with 12.01am tix could bypass the ridiculous line and go straight into the theaters causing a stampede of Chelsea boys literally running over little girls in high heels. A classic NYC memory for life.
About the movie: if you're not in love or a total romantic, the most important thing was the wardrobe. Happily, Carrie's uber creative wardrobe choices (my fave by far being the grandmas drawers she sported in the bed with BIG) did not disappoint and lusted for Miranda's plethora of coats and leather gloves (I'm such a winter gear woman).
I highly recommend that every woman go with at least three girlfriends who talk during the movies to enjoy the experience fully.


  1. Look at my homies!!!

  2. awwwww....look @ the crew! I miss you guys! air kisses for everyone!