Monday, May 12, 2008

the people you really need to know...

Praise the Lord, I have finally made friends with the girl who works at the Dunkin Doughnuts across the street from my house!!! WOO HOO!! When I say I feel like I won the fraking lotto, I kid you not.
You see, for the self employed, the DD girl is the equivilant to the ladies in the cafe at a corporate office. When they like you, all sorts of good things happen. At JANE, I used to get free juice and extra fries. Not to mention, the occasional bag of gummy bears. Now, I'm receiveing a friendly smile and a free chocolate frosted with sprinkles. YUMMY!!!
Sure this friendship is the undoing of all the hours that I spend running to my death on the threadmill but who doesn't like free?

1 comment:

  1. Free doughnuts are always a plus. Although I'd rather mine be Krispy Kremes...southern fried goodness!