Saturday, May 17, 2008

it was so big...

It took almost seven hours but I finally made it to Phoenix, Arizona. I'm so excited to be somewhere that 90 degrees and straight sunshine in considered a cool day; I don't know what to do with myself. Oh wait, yes I do, I went and worked poolside.
When the sun finally went down, I headed over to Chase Stadium to check out the Arizona Diamond Backs play the Detroit Tigers (wearing my Yankees cap of course). Can I just tell you? I had the biggest case of stadium envy! It was so modern and clean compared to Yankee Stadium; I almost didn't know to act. The fans were all orderly and polite (read: uninteresting). There were fireworks whenever a player hit a homerun. and even when they (unfortunately) rallied in the 7th to beat the Tiger 4-3, there was very little gloating or tomfoolery.

Got to be honest, not sure I like that.

I sure hope that when the new Yankee Stadium opens up next season, people don't start to act so civilized that I can't catch a mom losing her mind over a lame play while feeding her 7 year old kid a hotdog. Yeah, I said it.

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