Thursday, May 22, 2008

jesus be a spicy salmon roll...

Praise the Lord, I just found a decent, clean Japanese restaurant that delivers to my apartment!!! I'm so happy I can hear angels singing... or wait maybe that's my neighbor Gladysis.
Either way, I'm feeling happy enough to overlook the tragedy that is Usher getting a seperation from Tameka after nine months. Can you say iron clad prenup? And bigger than that, the rumor that Kobe Bryant got caught cheating AGAIN. This time it was with a Lakers cheerleader named Vanessa (knda ironic, huh?). Good grief, does he never learn?
Now I kinda realize why people were so annoyed with Jay-Z and Beyonce for not letting us see the wedding. At least the majority of us believe that they have a union that's going to last longer than the next album release or championship season... so disheartening, no?
And just curious, when the hell is it going to get warm in NYC? Err-um, I don't care if the ice cream trucks are blocking traffic on these tiny one-way streets, mid-70s is NOT summer weather!!

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