Tuesday, May 27, 2008

black don't crack...

While it may have felt like I spent my entire holiday weekend in front of a laptop working, in reality, I did take two days to drive upstate to Kingston, NY for my girl Joan's 43rd birthday party. This year's grand event was a bikini BBQ followed by cupcake & champagne sleepover. Excluding myself, there were six fantastic women and one yummy boy to help bring in Ms. Morgan's new year. We all sat around, talked a whole bunch of nonsense, cracked terrible jokes, ate/drank until we were stuffed and then passed out. Um, can we say so much fun? If I didn't enjoy all the perks of being a Scorpio so much, I swear I'd hate on everyone with a summertime birthday.
How did you kick off the summer of 2008?


  1. http://cucamonga.myminicity.es

  2. I started my summer season, relaxing, reflecting and having a great time with friends.