Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i got my back twisted out...

And my whole body aligned this afternoon by an adorable chiropractor who promises to significantly reduce this throbbing sensation in my right arm in six sessions. Sounds optimistic to me but what the hell do I have to lose? I must say; at this point I'd be willing to barter my first born for a little relief. Like seriously.

So the thrilling news of the day? I finally finished the last chapter in the third installment of my Hotlanta series!!! WOO HOO! Let the editing commence! If all goes well, I might actually be able to put this puppy to bed within the next couple of weeks. On the flip side, I'm actually kind of sad cause it really has been a lot of fun thinking teenage angst versus focusing on my own very adult problems. Like um, the freakin' astronomical price of gas!

When I say that I'm about to go buy a bike with matching helmet, I'm so serious with it. The Volvo drives like a dream but ain't nothing but a gas guzzler. And I simply cannot pay $50 to fill 3/4s of a tank. That's just silly. Not to date myself but I remember when I thought 99 cents a gallon was a lot. Sigh. I'm like the old lady at the bar talking about the good 'ole days... just sad.


  1. LOL... I remember those days as well. It wasn't that long ago but it feels like it now!

  2. Yeah, it wasn't that long ago at all...why i frequently reminisce of those 99 cents a gallon days in tallahassee...LOL

  3. Hmmm...wallet relief, a reduced carbon footprint and legs too die for? The bike sounds like a win—win to me.