Thursday, May 8, 2008

will you sing with the choir...

Is it just me or are Black men between 30 to 38 years old, looking grossly out of shape nowadays? Like seriously, can a sister get some washboard abs and tight pecs in her life without dating a professional athlete? Or recent parolee?
Now don't get me wrong, as my close friends will quickly attest, over the years I have been known to find all kinds of men attractive- tall, short, slim, even juicy... BUT there's a limitation to the stupidity. And when the extra smedium button-up shirt is straining against the double D man-boobs and those birthing hips are so pronounced that the most expensive suit in the world can't hide the swaying movement, it's a wrap. And you know what I'm talking about dammit!!
Say it with me now...

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