Friday, May 9, 2008

my cell phone gives me high blood pressure...

It's certified, I have the absolutely worst PDA luck in the world. After less than a month, the $300 phone that I finally upgraded to b/c everyone insisted it would make my life less stressful started to act up- the light would go out in the middle of typing an email, the icons freeze, the oh-so-addictive game was on the blink and the ringers didn't work. Go figure.
So like any savy consumer who paid way too much for a product, I immediately take the phone back to the store where I bought. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. Customer service in the Sprint store on 34th street is a nighmare of incompetency. I lost FOUR hours of my life trying to get a new phone despite the fact that there I was only one of three customers in the store. But wait on it, I get home and realize the internet service is jacked up!!!

Now everytime I send a message from my handset, a copy of it gets delivered to my inbox (almost as if I'd cc'd myself on the message). AND, when I send an email from my computer at home (because Gmail is the primary email account on the phone), I get a message from there on the handset as well. It's ridiculous. I spent THREE hours on the phone with the Blackberry customer rep for her to come to the conclussion that there's a malfunction with the handset and I need to GO BACK to Sprint and get another phone.

I almost vomited in my mouth. Reduce stress? This damn phone has me on the verge of a breakdown. I want to pitch it across the room or even better at the half way illiterate chick who sold it to me. Oh my goodness, I completley and totally understand Naomi right now...

Does anybody have a Blackberry where their Gmail account its the default account? And if so, CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME????? I sewar, if I have to go back to that Sprint store on a Saturday, I very well might commit suicide.


  1. I'm getting a Blackberry for my're scaring me!

  2. My advice, change your carrier, a friend of mine had the same problems with her phone and she switched companies and now it works. Her phone would freeze up all the time. I could also be your phone. Good luck!