Friday, March 21, 2008

i choose the stroll...

So I'm sitting here thinking about the Elliot Spitzer ho-train debacle and the new Gov. Patterson's infidelity revelations (instead of transcribing these god forsaken interviews for my Essence assignment). And it occurs to me how the real eye-opener is not that the men cheated but how unequal their treatment of the two respective women were...
-On one hand, Spitzer was willing to pay an average of $5K an hour to be in the err-um, company of this woman. Gov. Patterson- not so much. She probably didn't even get a dry card on V-Day.
-Spitzer was willing to pay for ole' girl to have her own room in the exclusive Mayflower Hotel. Gov. Patterson was like, meet me for a couple of hours at the Days Inn.
-Elliot's chick had tales of wild, kinky sex. There was nothing but crickets about the good Gov's swagger game. (read: straight missionary).
E-Boogie's hooker is now in MAJOR demand for kinds of media outlets. She'll probably land a record contract any minute now. Not to mention all the money she stands to make from book deals, TV appearances and folks using the $300 tax return to pay for a download of her song on myspace. Poor, poor Gov. Patterson's jump-off is probably going to be ridiculed at her church on Easter Sunday.

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