Tuesday, March 25, 2008

too much time on her hands...

Okay, let me start off by saying that while I'm not necessarily the biggest Demi Moore fan, I do respect the old broad's gangsta for making a potentially criminal offense (screwing someone at least 20+ years her junior) look sexy.
How-some-ever, there is a limit to the stupidity. And Demi my dear, you have officially reached it.
In her ongoing twisted attempt to never visibly age (read: 40 plastic surgery operations later), now homegirl is doing cleansings with LEECHES. Apparently she was all up on Letterman (in support of her new movie Flawless- tad ironic, no?), explaining how her new thing is allowing leeches to suck on her belly buttton. And while it was definately "uncomfortable," Demi 'no pain no gain' Moore insists that all it took was a little Lamaze breathing to help her make it through.
I'm just unclear, is she saying leech bites that hurt as much as childbirth (because that is the purpose of learning Lamaze breathing techniques, correct?) is a good thing?? Survey says, NOT.
I mean seriously, is growing old gracefully that bad?
Read all about how leeches don't like pubic hair and behave like little drunks after they've finished gorging on you:

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