Tuesday, March 18, 2008

my mom and the 6 people I know....

Okay folks, there are offically twelve days left until my book drops. And how many of my so-called friends have managed to pre-order the book? Exactly six. Now I know, over the past thirty-two years, I've accumulated more than six friends with $12 to spare.
And certainly there are more than six people that have hit me up for a favor, loan, help, advice, a ride... Dang, can a sister get a little something on the back end? Mind you, it's always encouraging to hear how many people are proud of and inspired by my decision to strike out on my own. But err-um, a little financial support would go a veeeeerrrrrrrryyyyy long way.
Granted, I know everyone thinks they deserve a free copy. But please let me explain how the publishing business works: it's all about the numbers. My ability to secure the next book deal is soley based on the number of units I sell on this book deal. And no, the number of books I give away does not count towards this number. (READ: If Mitzi only sells six copies, she's going to be panhandling on a corner near you).
Not to mention, the measly TEN copies the publishing company gives me are for PROMOTION. Anything beyond those initial ten must be purchased by yours truly. So while I'm happy to give your lil' cousin Tay-Tay a free book. (in hopes she'll convince all six of her friends to purchase a copy). I'd rather not buy my own book just so that I can give it to you.
How will I be able to hook you up, if I never become rich and famous?
Order by the end of business tomorrow, & it'll only cost you $8.99!


  1. what's the book about, mitzi?

  2. Hey,
    The book is the Af-Am version of Gossip Girl with a murderous twist. Two rich twin sisters from Atlanta discover that their priviledged lifestyle is a well crafted facade to hide a deadly family secret.

  3. hey girl...if you want to give a sista book...I'm here lol!!!

    Looks like it very good. I'm a Southern girl who loves Atlanta.

    holla at me!



  4. I just ordered my copy, Gus wants to buy his at the book signing. Keep us posted on appearances in the Brooklyn area. We are so proud of you, keep reaching for the sun.

  5. Mitzi....

    LOL, that sooooooooooo funny. My sentiments exactly. I'm going to send this to all my friends on behalf of you & me. Friends don't understand. Thanks for letting me know about the release. I'm going to pre-order mine, now!


  6. Okays, I wanted to report I was lucky number 7 but guess Diana beat me to the punch.

    8's not so bad. lol

    I usually don't like to know anything before my copy arrives, but did Decatur get at least one mention?

    Me and Joyce are both straight from the dec;)