Wednesday, March 12, 2008

guess who's having the best week ever....

Can the church get an amen? The State of New York is about to swear in it's first African American Governor ever thanks to Elliot 'I-like-it-unprotected' Spitzer's high-priced booty calls. AND he's legally blind?!? Right about now, racists all over Howard Beach are crying into their canolis!
But on a serious tip? Am I the only one who thinks Elliot Spitzer's resignation is a waste? An amazing political career destroyed, and for what? Just 'cause the man likes to have unprotected sex... with strangers... and pay them for it? SO? At least he paid 'Kristen' well- according to AOL news, his standing account with the escort service totaled somewhere around $80,000. Might I remind you, all Ms. Monica got was a dry cleaning bill.
As for the whole 'prostitution-is-wrong' backchat, as far as I'm concerned, it's not my business who wants to pay for sex. As long as it's not with an underaged child, some poor Indonesian sex slave or my own man doing it; the phrase that pays is: MIND YA BUSINESS.
Besides, how much you want to wager almost all the high-and-mighty folks so eagerly calling for Big E's resignation have had an extramarital affair, frequented the champagne room in a stripclub or are clients their damn selves?

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