Wednesday, October 15, 2008

throwing the baby out...

When it comes to making the magic happen, it seems I'm not the only who thinks the second time had better be the charm. According to the first poll of the week, 44% of you were more than okay with cutting a partner off if the sex was still wack after an initial botched performance.

Interestingly, 33% admitted that you'd hang in between 3 to 9 attempts... Hmm, I wonder whether you're the "talk it through-teach him/her what I like" kinds? And if so, how's that really going for ya?

And God bless, the 16% of you who don't think sex is important enough to end a good relationship over. Either you got a mean hand/toy game or your nerves are way better than the mine...

But hands down, three snaps in a circle for the 5% of you who were over it after the initial encounter. And my friends think I have little patience for mediocrity. You yes, are my heroes.

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