Wednesday, October 22, 2008

they are not playin...

I was going to start my day by breaking on Sarah "I'm a fake Maverick" Palin and the newly leaked expense reports that prove she's been flying her three daughters all across the country to different events and shacking up in luxury hotel rooms at the state's expense. And wait on it... homegirl got caught trying to amend her expense reports to read as if the girls were on 'official state business' all after the fact. Why by-golly, are you trying to tell me is that 7 year-old Piper is not capable of conducting official Alaska state business (insert patronizing wink/ smirk combo)?? I cry for the country.

Needless to say event organizers (who've seen way too many lobbyists headed to the clink in the past couple of years) were hardly willing to take the fall for the dimwitted Governor. As soon as they were questioned by the press, they started dry snitching like Bodie in The Wire, talking about, "We never extended an invitation to her family... The girls just showed up." Um, what you say?
Jesus, take the wheel because I can't.:

But then, I received word of a voter in New Mexico getting turned away from the polls because of the t-shirt she was wearing and I got a little sidetracked.

WOW, so I guess all the hundreds of annoying emails reminding me not to wear an Obama t-shirt, button, sticker, underwear, eye patch or tattoo to the voting polls this November 4th that my beloved cousin Vianet keeps forwarding to are actually true. My bad, V!

Turns out that the poor lady was in a freaking wheelchair when she got sent away!! Talking about her Obama t-shirt was distracting to other voters. Um sure, but not for nothing the liquor store next door isn't? I'm just saying... It's definitely getting ugly.

Check out the craziness and be prepared.

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