Tuesday, October 21, 2008

and the heat comes up...

Oh my god, is it just me or has the temperature dropped like 20 degrees in 2 minutes?? I always know that it's officially winter when instead of sunshine on my face the sound of the extra loud hood radiator spewing project heat wakes me up in the mornings. Sigh... thermal underwear, dry skin, and sporadic nose bleeds soon come. Don't be jealous.

But to be honest, I knew this moment was coming a couple of nights ago when I was standing around in some BK bar celebrating my Harlem homegirl/ workout partner Sharae's dirty 30th bday and it was FREEZING inside there. I mean seriously? Why was it cold inside the spot? When good company and a couple glasses of cheap champagne don't help to warm me up in the middle of a relatively full room of people (what you know about that Andre Champagne??), there's freaking problem. I guess this is why so many folks get pregnant during the winters. 'Cause mark my words- can't nothing good happen outside the crib when it's cold.

Stay warm people. Oh and if you get sick, no offense but puh-lease stay away from me.

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