Wednesday, October 8, 2008

officially color retarded...

So after three and a half long years in my apartment, I am finally ending my love/ hate relationship with the eclectic, DIY decor theme (read: haphazard, whatever works) that I've assembled and completely redecorating all the major rooms. Recession be damned; I'm talking new paint, new furnishings, and an all over new grown and sexy attitude. Are you with me?
But I gotta tell you, your girl has absolutely ZERO home decorating skills and even less interest in the HDTV channel whatsoever. Like seriously, the very thought of the paint section of Home Depot gives me an anxiety attack. There are like a ka-zillion different shades of freaking white. How the hell an I supposed to know which one works best in my apartment??? Then there all these technical temperature terms- warm color, cool shade, etc, etc. And we haven't even started on the throw pillows and conversational pieces...MY GOD.
All I want to know is, where is my Martha Stewart gene? How come I can't figure out what subtle tones and what shades compliment each other just by looking at the paper swatches. And more importantly, why isn't it a good idea to paint my accent wall hot pink????


  1. Girl, no reason. I want a hot pink wall myself!!! Do it!

  2. ROFL--breathe, mama. Just breathe. And there's nothing wrong with hot pink--it just works WAY better on a pillow or throw than it does on a wall next to the wrong main color. You can ALWAYS return a pillow. It's a pain in the a%$ to repaint the wall. My humble "Bertha Stewart" opinion.

  3. HDTV channel? Did you mean HGTV? LOL! Yes, you've made it clear you have no interest in decorating whatsoever. When I get "my monies," I'm decorating my place, FINALLY. So, have no fear, I'll give you some pointers. First, cop an issue of Domino. Then join, stat! You can store your decor ideas in one central location, share it with your friends, look at ideas from other folk, AND it will help you tap into your inner-Martha.