Monday, October 27, 2008

at a complete loss...

When my girl Nikki asked me to pose the poll question- whether or not folks felt like they could be in a serious relationship (long-term implied) or even married to a partner that refused to disclose how much money he/ she earned annually, I just knew that this was going to be a landslide hell no. But clearly, I was wrong.

19% of you voted that you would be A-OK living in the dark. Like seriously? Are we living in the same country? You know, the one with the tanking economy and all?
Maybe, the 89% of us are missing something BUT if you're comfortable enough to lay down and fall asleep in the bed beside me every night then certainly, you should be okay with letting me know what your checks are looking like, right? Cause like, aren't financial and sexual history are equally important?
I don't even know what to say party people...


  1. I was shocked to read these results. I have a feeling the 19% of people who don't care if they know how much their partner is making are the ones who are trying to hide their own wages. :)

  2. What difference does it make? Unless you are about to get married, it shouldn't be a big deal. People who are too concerned about there partners income should be a warning sign. RUN RUN RUN...they sound like they are after the stacks. My money is my money and their money is their money UNTIL a ring is about to be need to whip out the W-2s.

  3. Have to agree with Looking For Love. That's what marriage and joint returns are for, I don't care how seriously you're dating. And in the age of, can't you just figure it out? Engagement = full disclosure. Or babymamadom but then again Mitz, that's an entirely different poll...