Thursday, October 23, 2008

off to see the fletchers...

This evening I'm headed to Detroit for my goddaughter Sydney's christening. And I gotta be honest, I'm really excited. The last time I saw Sydney she was an 8-month bump and stretching my poor BFF's stomach into something straight out of a bad sci-fi movie. Seriously.

So it looks like this whole weekend I'm going to be immersed in young Black suburban life:

Tomorrow, Shayla and I are scheduled to chaperon Sydney's big sister Sam and her entire pre-k class on their apple-picking trip. No, it's not exactly the 'sophisticated-ladies-who-lunch' type of day I had envisioned when I said I was gonna come in early so we could spend some time together but you know, things are a little different in Ann Arbor Michigan. For the record, mama has already packed her nerve pills.

Then on Saturday, the husband got tickets to the annual Michigan v. Michigan State game. Woo Hoo!! So while Shayla is off being a good AKA soror at our classmate Crystal's wedding (god bless her heart), Steve, his frat brothers and I will be screaming our heads off at Michigan Stadium aka The Big House alongside 110,000 sloppy, beer-filled, possibly shirtless and definitely over the top college football fans... can't wait!
Finally, on Sunday we're all headed to the church. Where Lord willing, I will not to fall asleep during the service or drop Sydney in the water basin when it's time to present her. 'Cause as you can see, if she ain't nothing else my goddaughter is a big baby.

Wish me luck!

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