Monday, October 13, 2008

bought a hanes four pack yesterday...

Well at least I know that I'm not the only who has given up trying to sustain the sexy 24/7... Like myself, 42% of you guys feel comfortable enough to break out the comfy cotton from the very beginning of the relationship; $70 La Perla nylon lace thongs be damned.
And while I respect the gangsta of the 14% of you still figuring out ways to stay in a thong or even the silk panties for the duration (or at least until you get that proposal and crossover to the other side), it seems everybody ain't able.
And just to clarify for the nonbelievers, comfy does not mean grandma. My low rise cotton bikini drawers are SUPER cute... even if they're not always an exact, exact match with the bra. Oh and trust, when the outfit or mood calls for it the kid is the first one logging on to (can I get an amen?)
However, for the most part my butt just wants to be held... and supported properly. And like momma always says-to own box be true (but nothing keeps the GYN away like a pair of breathable cotton undies).

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  1. On the real? The $70 La Perla panties that won't EVAH fit over the badunkadunk are a problem. Oh, and is a straight up relationship saver. Don't sleep.