Monday, October 6, 2008

i'm sure kelis had no idea...

So apparently OJ isn't the only one headed directly to the clink.

Earlier today, a Hong Kong jury dismissed an appeal by Nancy Kissel the American housewife (read: privileged white woman) has was convicted of murder and sent to prison for life after feeding her wealthy Merrill Lynch banker hubby a sedative spiked milkshake and then wait on it... clubbing him to death with a statuette. Then homegirl rolled his body up in a carpet and tried to hide him in a storage room. Too bad in real life, bodies decompose and the rancid smell of rotting flesh gave her away. EEWWWAAAA!
The 'Milkshake Murderess' as she has come to be known, has repeatedly tried to claim self-defense. But I'm thinking all that went through the window when the prosecution found out about the TV repairman lover waiting for her back in the United States.

Why is this so the next Lifetime movie of the week? I can see the title now...
Clubbed For Love.
Come on, you know I'm right...

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  1. That is so funny and bogus at the same time.