Monday, October 27, 2008

in total denial...

I was really hoping that the Chicago police would find Jennifer Hudson's nephew Julian King. I kept delaying my post about the situation because I was convinced that somehow, some way, that the innocent 7 year-old boy was going to be okay. Unfortunately not. And so my thoughts go out to Jennifer Hudson and her family for the multiple losses they suffered this past weekend. I pray that at some point they will all be able to heal and recover.

I also hope that this unspeakable tragedy serves as a gentle reminder to the rest of us-no one is 100% immune to domestic violence. Hindsight is 20/20 but trust, somewhere along the line, somebody saw J-Hud's sister's estranged husband say/ do something that made them pause. And lord knows they probably even tried to say something...
Tragically, you know how hardheaded women in love (myself included) can be about our relationships- giving folks a million and one chances, overlooking the obvious, acting like crazy is ever cool, etc. Read: unnecessarily gambling with our mental and physical wellbeing just not to be alone.

Humph, all I can say is point duly noted.


  1. situations like this make me hurt deep down inside. i'm an idealist so i believe that the world is decent place but when things like this happen, i reevaluate. it makes me feel jaded. like no matter how much i give of myself, terrible things still exist and cause people great suffering. i, too, believed that they would find him alive. i'm still hurting for nailah franklin as well. i don't forget as easily as the media and general public do. i need a drank for real...pour libations for the women and children around the world who have lost their lives so tragically.

  2. It is truly a shame that after-the-fact so many people "recall" warning signs of trouble that they should have recognized, or if they did foresee some problems, should have responded to. It is always a real struggle between "minding our own business" and "being a brother's keeper." There is no easy guidelines for deciding when to interfere in someone's life or report something to authorities.