Thursday, April 30, 2009

exhibit a...

See now, I wasn't even going to say anything about this swine flu madness.  'Cause as far as I'm concerned there's some new fangled Killer African Bee, SARS, Cow-Foot-Head disease popping up on CNN just about every six months or so... 

And between you and me, I think that if certain folks would learn how to cover their mouths and use a little hand disinfectant, half of these problems would be solved. But that's just my humble opinion.

But THEN I read this article in the NYTimes that set off my spidey senses. It basically details how experts are now trying to blame the whole health crisis on this poor little 5 year-old Mexican boy.  Talking bout, "The government has identified Édgar Hernadez as the first person in Mexico to have become infected with a virulent strain of the swine flu." Seriously? 

Not for nothing, but doesn't this sound very much like the whole- AIDS started in Africa from people who were having sex with monkeys hypothesis? Yeah, thought so.  $50 bucks says the Mexican government just needed someone to throw under the bus to keep the World Health Organization off their backs. So naturally, they choose the lowest common denominator- a poor, illiterate family and their kid. So. Not. Cool.

You look at the picture and do the math. Err-um, keep it real. We ALL know where this pandemic really, really started... 


  1. now this lil baby looks like NOBODY'S Mexican child...pinktoes i tell ya. LM

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... why don't I see the mother's hands in the picture rushing to reach for her child. all the pig has to do is snort in the baby's mouth. Boom. Swine flu.

  3. I seriously doubt the picture above is a true depiction of how swine flu has come about.

  4. oh mitzi! you keep it oh so real! i've been a fan since your "honey" days (i loved it when you went out and did your road trippin') and was so excited to find your blog...via denene's blog! now, regarding the nasty ass picture....ya, we know where it started from.

  5. You are going to hell Mitzi Miller. Straight to hell. In a handbasket... We'll be roomies.


  6. ubelievable targeting this little boy!
    btw, why is it that with the swine flu going on there are still nasty people out there who don't cover their mouths when they cough?? I need to start walking around with a mask and surgical gloves (because the nasty look i give them ain't working lke it used to....)

  7. i'm speechless. and nauseous.

  8. Okay...someone thought the baby licking the nasty, filthy assed pig was cute?

    @SFS...the mother was probably the one taking this pic...thinking it was a Kodak moment!