Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i'll give you somethin' to cry about...

I hate the first day of my period. Okay, perhaps hate is a strong word. Let me rephrase that: I really dislike the first day of my period.

Every single time without fail, I'll wake up on said morning with the starving African orphan-esque bloated belly, killer lower back pain and feeling extra extra evil. Like it's so not a game for those initial minutes after the wake-up. All the way up until I finally figure that 'duh, I got my period! That's what all the drama and confusion is about!!'

Thankfully, I generally wake up alone. So, time permitting, I'll promptly proceed to lay around in the bed, tossing from side to side, feeling sorry for myself and watching things that make me cry like Steel Magnolias/ the Christian the Lion youtube video for about half a day or at least until I remember those times when the period was late... 'Cause please believe, nothing makes a woman pull it together and be grateful for a little cramp more than the memory of the times you had to commence the prayer circle and send the bloodhounds out to find it.

Uh-huh... Jesus be the 25th day.

But wait on it... so this morning before I could even get in a good hour of the whole 'woah is Mitzi on her period', I noticed an online article about a white woman in England who's allergic to WATER. Can you imagine? Apparently Michaela Dutton has a rare allergy to water called aquagenic urticaria. Therefore anytime her skin gets wet, she breaks out in a painful rash!! YIKES!

Mind you, the post is 100% PC and solely focuses on the fact that this poor woman can't even hold her own son because his sweat hurts her so much. Which I will definitely agree, is a heartbreaking issue. But you wanna know what I think is really, really the most tragic aspect of this situation? This woman CAN'T BATHE. For her entire life, she's just been STINK.

I mean think about it. How can she possible take a shower? EVER? She busy talking about "people don't come around anymore because they think I'm contagious." No my dear, folks don't come around cause you SMELL. I can't.

Between this and the 22 year-old Boston University medical student killing Craigslist prostitutes in hotels for thrills, I had to cut the pity party short. My life is too damn good. Onward my people.

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