Tuesday, April 14, 2009

comes naturally...

Sometimes I worry that folks really don't appreciate how much skill it takes to be a proficient procrastinator.  Mmm-hmm, say it with me- proficient procrastinator. You know, as in having the ability to look extremely busy while accomplishing absolutely nothing of consequence. 

As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of this art,  I am constantly on the look out for new and improved time wasters: reading ridiculous celeb blogs, updating on Twitter, figuring out how to use the Garage Band application and but of course, Facebook. 

Ah Facebook.  Next to taking Drama for a long walk on a sunny day, that right there is my most favoritest of all the time wasters. I mean, seriously? Who needs to write a book proposal or hook up the new printer when I can spend all day catching up with people I haven't thought about since 8th grade? Oh let's not forget the god awful party pictures from the opening of a sardine can that you and the crew attended last month???  The BEST. 

But sometimes, things on FB can get a little tricky. Especially when it comes to the friend request department...  Lord knows that everyone doesn't need access to all the personal messages that are being left on the Wall or worse, the candid shots from last summer's trip to the Vineyard. Can I get an amen?

So lemme ask you this, what would you do if an ex from a nasty break-up tried to reconnect and become friends through FB?

According to the poll you took many eons ago, 21% would 'try to be the bigger person' and accept the request.   6% would accept to save face and then delete immediately afterwards. While a whopping 71% said you would straight ignore and never respond. 

If you know anything about me, you know I'm so rolling with the majority on this one. Ain't no need to be faking like we cool when we aren't. You know what you did, I know what I did, now Keep It Moving Shorty.  I don't want you all up in my business and I damn sure don't care about yours.

And while I understand the political correctness of initially accepting and then deleting, I just don't care enough.  It takes a lot of negative energy to have a messy break-up nowadays.  So if our situation was crazy, LEAVE ME ALONE.  So what if you're fat and married with five kids. God bless home girl's heart, she's a better woman than me.

In fact, I'm willing to bet that the forreal, forreal reason the 21% of you are so willing to accept the request is just so you can be Facebook spying on folks.  Checking for recent pics and to see whether or not he got married before you did.  Man, listen. How Jay-Z put it? Oh yeah, what you eat don't make me shit.  



  1. Mitzi completely feeling you on this my dear and I am guilty of FB spying my damn self but I have to say I would not not accept it but decline it and then send a nasty message. Yea me=theatrical. LOL

  2. love the graphic!...lol...

  3. you know this one is near and dear to my heart mitz!...i'm glad i went w the majority on this one too however(uh-oh!)"his" b-day is coming up next week and it would be damn fun to accept & really tell him off on his wall just in time to do the maximum damage to his already awful reputation. just think of all the potential family & friends logging in for the obligitory "happy b-day wall wish" only to see my crazy rant(and of course i'd have already blocked the boy from my page with no shot at rebuttal or explanation) *sigh* a psycho bitch can dream! ;)

  4. Yeah the whole random request is REALLY annoying. I had an ex as a friend, and while the voyeur in me was satisfied (esp when I saw pics where he was looking rough) it was unhealthy. I'd have a mini meltdown everytime I saw him in a pic with a cute girl so he had to go.

    But I'm opposed to the whole friend and delete thing cuz some folks have no shame. I have a guy I went on 2 dates with-and then he got real cute and stopped calling me but I'm not bitter oh wait yes I am-friend request me. I TRIED the whole friend and delete move...TWICE! He just re-requested me!! At one point you have to get gully and just ignore it.

  5. Sorry, I am not the bigger person. I ignore and block so that they can't send me any future friend requests. If I don't like you in real life then why should I pretend online?! Ummmmmm the truth is that I am offended that you even thought it was a good idea to send me a message..... um really? - Christina