Wednesday, April 29, 2009

happy 100 days...

So this past week, the washer/ dryer at the boy's house ate my favorite pair of jeans.

I'm not saying it was his fault of anything like that BUT... my jeans were just fine when I put them in them in his machine. Then lo and behold, when the cycle ended and I started to fold the clothes, there's a big ass hole under the left back pocket!!  Insert image of my mouth dropping wide open in shock like an idiotic cartoon character.

Forget how much the silly thing cost, I worked SO HARD to get those jeans to fit my booty the way I wanted!!! Those were my 'get-'em-girl/ it's-ya-birthday' jeans... sniffle, sniffle.  What I'mma supposed to do now?? 

I've lost a loved one.  Please light a candle...

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