Thursday, April 2, 2009

in the name of the father...

Just yesterday my girl Joan brought up an ongoing conversation we've been sharing about the increasing number of 'crimes of desperation' occurring around the country ever since our economy jumped on the little red wagon to hell.  You know, like daytime bank robberies, purse snatchings, rich folks in S.C sinking their sailboats for the insurance money, etc. 

And then lo and behold, what do I read this morning but the breaking news story about a man in Washington state that held up a convenience store at gunpoint with wait on it... his 9 year-old daughter in tow.  Seriously? What in the worthless-ass-child-protective-services part of  "bring your kids to work day" is this? 

No sir, I cannot and I will not. 

Robert Daniel Webb, I rebuke thee!


  1. Wow-I think that takes the cake.

  2. Guess he was trying to teach her a trade.

  3. yeah, it's real 1985 rules out here. They are back to herringbone snatching on the train.