Monday, April 13, 2009

wet seal certified...

My God, do you remember that unfortunate period of time when flashing the strings of a thong over your super, super low rise jeans was considered a bold fashion statement? You know, right around the time folks actually believed that Sisqo from Dru Hill was anything but 1-800-ON-FIRE? Uh-huh, we sure have lived through some Dark Ages my friends...

Well, what you know about a group of "innovative"Japanese designers (emphasis on the sarcastic quote marks) doing their darnedest to damn us all back into that hell. Yes sir. Just in time for the summer, they rolled out a new style of jeans so low they require the attached bikini straps to keep them up. Talking about, "now women can be even more booty-licious." Sigh. Bootylicious? In 2009? Really?

Someone please pass me the barf bag.


  1. o----m----g. Fa real?! Please let this not ever show its face.

  2. That is wrong on so many levels .....

  3. Can someone say "Yeast Infection" ?

  4. sadly, I was one of those who allowed the strings of my bikini to show above my baggy TLC/MC Smooth-esque jeans. Uhhh, but this was in the early nineties and I was 19. Someone should have whupped my tail then and someone should whup (?) anybody who is caught wearing this today.

  5. The root of the problem is this:

    In the Garden of Eden, Eve was tired of walking around with her stuff on show AND seeing Adam's stuff on show. Eve ate the apple and suggested Adam do it too.

    Adam, (i.e. all men) have been miffed about this since the dawn of time. So gradually, over our existence, they've been trying to get us back to that Garden of Eden-style of "dressing"

    This is another step in that direction.