Thursday, April 16, 2009

say it loud...

Oh-wee, it's a hard time to be a white woman, huh?

First, old girl in Florida shot the back of her son's head off to "save his soul."

Then poor Luan De Lesseps, the countess on "The Real Housewives of New York" (the tall, funny acting chick who used to be a regular ass nurse in CT until she landed the hubby and then got all brand new on folks), was informed via email that her gravy train was leaving her for a much younger woman of (gasp) color. Which really, really sucks when she's got this new autobiographical etiquette guide entitled Class With the Countess: How To Live With Elegance & Flair to promote (because clearly they're giving away book deals like water). And wait on it... why is the book all about how seduce and hang on to a man. Hilarity!!

And now, on the other side of the country, the patron saint of poor white trash Gov. Sarah Palin is catching a bad one back in Alaska. In addition to the ongoing public fighting with a freaking 19 year-old kid just cause he knocked up your fast ass daughter and left her and the baby high and dry to do appearances on Tyra; apparently her fellow lawmakers aren't feeling her new ambitious attitude at all. Um, you giving speeches in Indiana while folks is trapped in Juneau trying to balance the state's budget?? No maam. Them rednecks ain't having it. In response, they've stripped a bunch of her little pet projects like the natural gas pipeline from the proposed Senate budget and started talked junk to whoever will listen. Uh-huh, just like that....

What can I say? Jesus be the melanin that sets me free.

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