Thursday, April 9, 2009

mama needs her nerve pills...

I love the hell outta my 'hood but I HATE my local post office.  

No matter the time of the day, whenever I walk in there are at least 25 smelly people waiting in line and only two dusty ass service windows open. Talking about they're sorry for the long wait but the branch is severely understaffed. 

Bump that! We can ALL see the five random employees milling around behind the 1000 year-old teller doing a whole lot of NOTHING. Why don't you go tell Maria and Jose to stop eating the arroz con pollo and come do something?? DAMMIT!

Not for nothing, I thought you had to at least have a GED to work for the US government? Am I right? So what's the problem?  Why is something so simple as choosing to pay for the stamps with my American Express card seem like I'm asking you to go through Armageddon??

Ay con Dios.


  1. guurrrllll... there are ALWAYS 5 people milling around behind the counter right? wtf are they doing? I understand that there are other jobs in he post office beside taking customers, but then they should be back there DOING that job, not milling around up front.

  2. and NOT to mention that everyone who works there hates their job and acts like your INTRUDING on them by asking questions. I cant stand that post office. - LM