Friday, May 1, 2009

just my thoughts...

Soooo... how messy do we think Nas and Kelis's divorce proceeding is going to be?  'Cause not for nothing, homegirl is seven months pregnant.  And whatever under the sun, made her drag her milkshake to the LA County Clerk and file the papers must be SOME SHIZZ-NIT- ya heard?

And not for nothing, am I the only who cannot WAIT till Danity Kane and all those dirty looking, barely talented chicks disappear from all media? I read the reviews of the "reunion show" that ran last night and it sounded like a HOT ASS MESS.  Yeah, I said it. Speaking of made for TV train wrecks...

Is Harlem Heights over?  I mean, I know I personally couldn't make it past the first 20 minutes of the premiere episode.  Howsomever, there were quite a few of ya'll (and I won't call no names Monique and Daria) that got caught up in the tomfoolery. I'm curious to hear how the drama & confusion worked itself out.  Oh and I've been slipping on my Bravo reality show game. Is the Rachel Zoe Project even still on?  Cause you know, I DIED for that damn anorexic, neurotic, bi-polar, psycho stylist! And what are the best bridal shows on? There's nothing like a a little Bridezilla to take my mind off of the fact that I'm so hungry I could eat my own tongue (yes party people, Operation Skinny Bridesmaid is still in full effect).

I can't believe I'm saying this but, I'm kinda excited for this overcast weekend.    Cause all I wanna do is relax and zone out for a hot minute.  That, and go see the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. Mmm-hmm...  Cause I LOVES me some X-Men movies and I can't wait for all the ridiculous special effects. 

Well, whatever you do, have a fantastic weekend!


  1. so sad that the hip-hoperati couldn't show the rest of us how to get it right--hmmm maybe those same sex marriage folks will prove to be a better example of fidelity and that's why Miss California and other right wingnuts are hatin' -- Kelis did say in most of her music that she wasn't takin' no mess, guess she'll be attending Ms. Badu's school of "girl the only thing a man can do for me is plant one in me" ohh did i say that? guess i'm catching the blogatelli vibe LOL

  2. okay Harlem Heights looked like an accident waiting to happen from jump.
    And, trust me, we have not heard the end of this Kelis/Nas drama. It's about to get crunk!