Wednesday, May 13, 2009

who the electric chair is made for...

I'm almost embarrassed to admit it but the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have gone on so long, I'm almost completely numb to the continual horror stories on the evening news.  Which is probably why I didn't pay attention to any of the details in the most recent tragedy at a clinic in Camp Liberty in Baghdad when five soldiers were murdered... Honestly, I simply assumed that it was another terrorist's bombing. But this morning, I learned that it was actually an American soldier that killed his fellow soldiers. SMH.

But wait on it...  Folks sensed that this guy was a loose cannon. Mmm-hmm... Not only was he on his THIRD tour of duty (which already tells you something) but apparently, Sgt. John M. Russell had just been ordered to turn in his gun and undergo counseling by his commanding officer because of erratic stress-related behavior.  

So essentially, while he was at said mandatory counseling appointment, he lost his shit, wrestled the gun away from his escort (yeah, homeboy required an armed escort to the clinic) and shot the hell outta every damn body in the place. Sigh.

Oh and the main reason he was so stressed out?  According to his father, "he had fallen in debt paying his $1,500-a-month mortgage... and he thought they were trying to push him out of the service.

Seriously? You're gonna kill five innocent people who are just minding their business because of a mortgage payment that costs less than most people's rent in NYC?  No sir, there's got to be a better way...

Uncle Sam please come get your psycho nephew.

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