Friday, May 8, 2009

do it for the kids...

So I'm getting ready to head to CHI and can I just say, my god, I hate packing.  

No matter how early I begin, I always wind up having to rush around at the last minute for something I almost forgot.  So damn stressful. Not to mention all the cleaning that has to go on before I can step a foot out the door.  'Cause there ain't no way Elsa's daughter is leaving a dirty bathroom, dishes in the sink or trash in the crib while she's on the road. No maam.

But I shall not complain, because aside from the crazy weather I do love me some Chicago. Aaannd (drumroll please)- thanks to the unbelieveable success of the HOTLANTA series in the Chicago Public Schools, Denene and I have been invited to be recognized and participate as the keynote speakers at the 2009 Mayor Daley's Book Club Spring Conference. Woo Hoo!! Go Mitzi, it's ya birthday!  Go Denene, get busy!!

So think good thoughts, pray I don't forget to pack the right bra and I'll holler at ya'll next week. 


  1. Good Luck and Have fun!!!! ...V

  2. Congrats to you and enjoy Chicago!

  3. Cool Beans Chi-town is the best in the summer but spring is not bad. Not bad at all. Just coped the 2nd & 3rd editions of hotlanta for some summer reading.

  4. You know Chi is my city! Let a sister now what you need. The bro and all my peeps are there.He can tell you where to hang out. You may even get some nice weather. Have a great time!!!