Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the toes are so ready...

I'm so excited for the summer! Despite the fact that I have not one but two weddings to attend (and suck the life out of my entertainment budget), I am really really trying to spend more time enjoying myself this go 'round.

So first things first, I started researching vacay spots... I considered the Essence Music Festival but eh, not so much for me this year.  It's too late to get decent tickets to the concerts and not for nothing, I really don't want to pay $500 to fly into New Orleans. No offense. So I'm thinking about Barbados or some other small Caribbean island.... anywhere that the sun is hot, the beaches are clean and the water warm will work wonders for the kid.

Next, I got a hold of the NYC City Parks Foundation free concert schedule.  Okay seriously, this might be one of the best summers we've had in YEARS.  Lisa-Lisa, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Chrisette Michelle, Naughty by Nature, Joe and a DJ Premier v. Pete Rock battle? And let us not forget the outdoor movie screenings. Can you say, Purple Rain under the hazy NYC summer twillight sky?  I'm done!

Cue the 90 degree temps and let the tomfoolery begin!


  1. You will Love Barbados and it never hurts to visit Panama we have nice Beaches and the water is clean and warm ...V

  2. Ooh. Now you're making me kinda miss New York City! Kinda.

  3. you=rockstar for sending these links! - LMcGee

  4. i love the links, now i don't have to go to individual sites. i'm writing down the shows in my Manhattan diary. no crack-berry for me.

    Calabash literary festival is memorial weekend. i can't wait, i'll on the beach 6 days.