Monday, May 18, 2009

not red carpet ready...

Hmmm... did anyone watch that documentary 'Farrah's Story', aka the Farrah Fawcett Death Watch last Friday night? Anyone? Anyone?  Anyone?

Yeah, me neither. And it's terrible, 'cause back in the day I used to L-O-V-E me some Charlie's Angels.  But on the forreal, forreal, I can't get  into the idea of watching someone with a terminal disease suffer to death. Been there done that, err-um no thank you.

Granted, I totally sympathize with the whole need to call attention to the lack of resources available to fighting colorectal/ anal cancer any way possible.  But have we as a people become so desensitized to tragedy and death that an angel has to puke her guts on the camera for folks to give two cents? 

Jesus be a bit a of home-training... just a little bit.


  1. Well, I watched Ms. Farrah's story, and was quite spellbound, I must say. I give mad props to the woman for having the courage to show the public the raw, ravaging face of cancer, since it is her face and body that's being ravaged--and one that used to be beautiful. Just as she did with her TV films "The Burning Bed" and "Small Sacrifices," Farrah has never been afraid to look bad to make a major point. I give her much much respect.

  2. ugh...why is it that whenever some is in this terminal state, the press feels the need to follow her on her deathbed, practically calling her dead before she's even gone. so tragic.