Wednesday, May 20, 2009

like nino at the carter...

Um, I'll tell you where yours truly WON'T be going on vacation any time soon- Phoenix, AZ. Uh-huh, no thank you.  Not as long as the city is averaging ONE KIDNAPPING A DAY. Shiiiiiit. Can you imagine?

According to police reports, folks are being snatched out of their homes in broad daylight and tortured Hollywood style (they tried to cut one victim's ear off, blowtorched his back and sodomized him with a pair of scissors) for some ransom money. Lord haf mercy.

The tricky part of the equation is that only a third, maybe less of the city's kidnappings are reported because the cases are normally criminal-on-criminal.  The victims are generally smugglers, drug dealers or illegal immigrants. Sigh. Call me a punk but, I'd rather sit my ass in lockdown box for 25 years than have someone blowtorch my back.

But what makes my nerves bad are the senseless tragedies.  Like the 13-year old girl that was on her way to play basketball with a friend when she was mistaken for a drug dealer's niece. Apparently, the kidnappers snatched her from the middle of a 'quiet' suburban neighborhood. Thankfully, she was eventually returned to her parents.  The report describes her as being relatively unharmed. Err-um, what the hell is "relatively unharmed"???

I'm telling you, it's poppin' off like the 80s out there.  Not fresh, at all party people.

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  1. I lived in Phoenix over a year. Besides the summer of 2006 (110 degrees & shit) with the serial killer snipers & serial rapist-killer Phoenix was pretty nice.

    I did tell my boyfriend to come stay with me though after that summer of nonsense. Once he was there, Phoenix was the shit!!!!