Thursday, May 14, 2009

12 is the new 3 in dog years...

See now, I'm already in a mood.... 

Because I have to take Drama to see the vet this afternoon. And everybody that knows me understands that I am HIGHLY sensitive when it comes to my damn geriatric dog. 

So aside from the fact I'm certain to be at LEAST $300 poorer for today's experience; I'm super nervous that the doctor is gonna tell me something I don't wanna hear. Like, "No Ms. Miller the weakness in her hind legs that occasionally requires you to lift her onto the standing position is not just her trying to be stubborn."  Sigh. Pray for me ya'll.  Not sure I can make it without that mutt...

But THEN, I was perusing The YBF and noticed a post detailing Rick Ross's feeble attempt to prove that his sunglasses aren't fake. WTF??  Did you not read the letter that the white boys sent XXL? Or better yet, CAN YOU NOT read the letter the white boys sent?? 'Cause it sure seemed pretty straightforward to me and all the millions of other literate folks laughing at you and your stylist's dumb asses.

But wait on it... here's the actual  explanation: 
Rick bought the sunglasses from Louis Vuitton. But afterwards, he had them customized. (Feel free insert blank star and three blinks.)  

Negro, are you serious right now? This ain't no car!  Don't nobody get a pair of damn sunglasses TRICKED OUT. What, was you gonna put SPINNERS on them too? I. Can't. Officer Ricky will you and your frugazzy, Dade County swap-meet special  sunglasses puh-lease move from my eyesight?  And not now, but RIGHT NOW!


  1. WOO WOO WOOO, Drama a soulja dog- she'll be aiight!

  2. WOWSERS Drama is ginormous.