Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reason #1,234,567,890...

I hear you on the mixed race, but if you ask me, Obama ain't nothing but Black.
When questioned about the noticeably more relaxed dress code in staff meetings (apparently there is a whole brew ha-ha about the President being photographed dong official work sans suit jacket), his chief-of-staff insists they're not being intentionally lax but apparently the temperature in Oval Office is hot enough to "grow orchids in there.” Talking about, "He likes it warm.”
Now Barack, you know, them folks in the White House don't know nothing 'bout that heat! All I can say is, Jesus be the heating bill after the first month of the new administration.
But it gets better... Turns our the Obamas running about five minutes late for all the events on the Inauguration Day was jsut a warm-up. Apparently, President Obama now shows up at the Oval Office shortly before 9 in the morning. For those who don't understand what the big deal is.. that'd be almost two hours later than Dub-ya. Um-hmm, Barack better be readjusting the start of the workday...
But don't let the haters get it twisted, the man also works well into the night- with aides reporting that he stays as late as 10p to review briefs for the next day unlike his early-to-bed, early-to-rise predecessor. So take that...
Not for nothing, we really, really love that the reason his day starts so much later is because he takes the time to have his morning workout — weights and cardio — read the papers, eat breakfast with his family and help pack his daughters, Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, off to school before making the 30-second commute downstairs.
And what they're not printing (but we all know) is that he's also probably tryin' to get some from Michelle right quick too.... Okay?


  1. LMAO .... you know what, you need help ...but all true ...V

  2. Ain't nothing like CP time, it's not his fault it's in his genes, well half of them anyway.

  3. HA! This is my first foray onto this blog. I am sittin here hollerin'...I mean for real, for real hollerin'.

    I love it!