Monday, January 12, 2009

just can't see it...

Every once in a while, I'll hear about a crime that is so unbelievably heinous it makes me physically ill. And this comes from the mouth of an admittedly jaded New Yorker, so you know.

And although I've never been the free-wheeling death penalty advocate, there are certain instances where I wholeheartedly believe some folks just need to go back to God and stage a do-over on life. You know, not just for me and society but really, for their own good. And err-um, Andre Thomas... It's your time dude.

First, back in March 2004 this fool confessed to stabbing his estranged wife, their young son and her 13-month-old daughter to death. Mind you, he also ripped out all of their hearts. Yeah, as in cut open and pulled out.

Then while awaiting trial, Mr. Thomas yanked out his left eye out of the socket. Yes sir, pulled that mo-fu OUT with his own hands. Sick yet?

No? Well how 'bout this- Apparently last week the deranged psycho finally finished the job. He snatched out his remaining eye and ATE that shit. READ: chewed and swallowed it.

Po-po said that when they finally found him, dude's face was COVERED in blood (feel free to insert image of me screaming my own head off as I read this).

Mmm-hmmm, barf bags are located in the seat pockets directly in front of you.

But the best part? It's only NOW that the authorities want to send this looney tune to a mental institution. So lemme get htis straight? Ya'll JUST now realized his was mentally ill? Uh-uh. Forget the war, we gonna need education reform RIGHT NOW. Cause the people in charge are beyond stoopid.

I mean, at this point we can forget the padded room. They need to special order rush that ass to the electric chair! I dare you to find ONE person who won't co-sign on a take-two. Shiiieeet. GOOD LUCK.


  1. Yes!!! I read this last week and my mouth was left open. I thought nothing could really shock me, but this did... SMH... (sigh) Scarry to be a single female meeting men out here, not knowing you could end up with a crazy muthaf-er like this... So sad!!

  2. At least he can't see anyone to target more victims

  3. Absoulutely sad and sick! It's not only hard, it hurts to hear about crimes against little ones. I say forget a mental institution. Send him to jail so they can get him!