Friday, January 23, 2009

get it together....

Ummmm, hello kind people. Question: did you vote in the latest poll on the site? Umm-hmm, just what I thought. You do know I change it twice a week, don't you? Okay then, so go on and make the mitzimoments magic happen. Like now.

Don't be lazy (yes Angela, I'm talking to you). Click through to the blog and let your opinion be heard. Forreal, forreal I'm dying to find out what you think about the crazy questions! Yes, I am that nosey.

Perfect example: I'll bet you wouldn't have guess that 80% of you have willingly done something sexually you regretted afterwards. Mmm-hmmm, that many!

Luckily, between growing up in the full on 'No Means No' / 'You Give Me The Uh-Oh Feeling' era and my very clinically correct mother, I have always been very comfortable with my sexuality. So like the 20% who answered no, I've never had a problem saying no to anything that might make my nerves bad in the morning. Peer or partner pressure be damned.

But hey, you learn something new every day. And I'm so sure the bunch of ya'll won't ever, never be doing whatever that was again, right? So there. Fresh start. And look, just in time for the next poll...

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