Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I see you...

Don't get me wrong, I believe in the old saying: Beauty is only skin deep. Howsomever, while we're on the surface there are a list things that I'm just not equipped to deal with... Severe acne as well as a noticeable unibrow are definitely amongst the number. But for the sake of a good arguement, if I had to choose one, I'm going with the unibrow all day every day.

Why? Simple. I'm willing to gamble that like the 71%, I will eventually (read: long, long time from now) grow accustomed to the extra facial hair. Mind you, growing accustomed is a far cry from LOVING but at some point, I would hope, I'd be able to train myself not to oogle at my partner's never ending eyebrow. You know, the same way I trained myself not gag when I see pink toes kissing their dogs on the mouth. Feel free to gag.

Now the severe back acne? Not so much. I can barely stand the pimples on my own face and I only see that when I'm facing a mirror.

And in all fairness, perhaps the 28% who opted for severe back acne are just more concerned with public perception than I- afterall, there's really no way to escape your crew's clowning (and you know they will) when the mess is smack dab on the middle of the face. And thanks to Facebook, it ain't just your peeps that'll be leaving comments about you and your 'interesting' looking boo...

Yet and still, I'll still take my chances with the peanut gallery. Cause I know me, and I have a serious issue with picking. Mmm-hmm, I ain't never seen a pimple I ain't wanna pop. Lord knows, if I see a whole bunch of blackheads on my man's back what will happen. It might get real primative... And even if I'm able to control my urge to dig all up in his skin, there's always the first time I run my hand along his back and it inadvertantly bust a bump. Oh. God. Ooze stains on my 600 thread count sheets?? EEEWWA, it's a wrap. Like forreal, forreal.

Love you more than cooked food but you gots to get the hell out not now, but RIGHT NOW.


  1. MY GOD, you're an ass. I CAN NOT TAKE IT!!!!!!!!! (I'm with you, though--popped pimples on the good sheets is just dead wrong.)

  2. really.....Really.....REALLY!

  3. As hattie mcdaniel said in gone with the wind....it ain't fittin...it just ain't fittin...and I mean you Miss thang...you ain't right...you just ain't right...jd

  4. I just found your blog! I remember you from the HONEY magazine days. When honey ended my friend and I started our own, which ended to..But we loved your spots!