Thursday, January 8, 2009

damn indian-givers...

Okay Dr. Richard Batista, you listen up. I don't know what kinda God-complex you're working with over there in Long Island but just in case no one around you has the god-given COMMONSENSE to keep it real with you, let me be the first.
Here is what you will NOT, I repeat, you WILL NOT be doing in 2009: Suing your ex-wife to get back the kidney that you donated to her while you two were married. NO SIR, not today, tomorrow or EVER, EVER.

Just because your ex-wife had an affair, it does not entitle you to have your kidney back. Be clear, I ain't saying the cheating wasn't messed up. Especially after you basically saved her life and whatnot but forreal, forreal? You need to get it TOGETHER.
This ain't no freaking playground. You can't get mad and snatch back your toys cause your little feelings got hurt. IDIOT.
Even if I wasn't a transplant survivor (which I am), I'd be sucking my two front- teeth and giving you the ice cold side-eye. Yes, you and the ambulance chasing- cracker jack box degree having-lawyer that fixed his face to tell you this was a viable case. Talking 'bout you want your kidney or 1.5 million dollars. Shiiiieeeeet. I wish somebody would...

Both of ya'll need to go sit your behinds down somewhere. Like, NOW.

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  1. Bigger than that, what about Oakland police shooting that unarmed man to death on camera?! After he was already face down and handcuffed! A black man's life ain't worth a damn out here.