Thursday, January 22, 2009

i was there...

I'm baaaaack! OMG, what an AMAZING, LIFE CHANGING experience being in DC over this inaugural weekend was for me and everyone that I know. Everyone was so joyfull. I swear it felt like one of those jumping Easter Sunday sermons sans the big colorful hats. Priceless.

And I really have to thank my BFF Nikki. Not only did she host my stay and roll with me to several different events every night of the weekend (my feet may never ever, ever completely recover), but her dad hooked us up with a pair of tickets. Go Georgie! So praise Jesus, I didn't have to be out there in the dark at 4.30am throwing bo's in an open field for a halfway decent view of the Jumbotron (instead we left at 6.15am and ended up standing in the bushes with a straight shot of the Capitol).

Unfortunately, we didn't last long enough to see the parade... the fingers, toes and face were just too cold. But I watched and analyzed every second of the CNN and MSNBC coverage to the point where I might as well have been there. Can I get an amen?

On the low, I could probably watch the Obamas every day for the rest of my life. Kinda like that movie featuring Jim Carrey where he unknowingly lives his entire life on the set of a television show? I'm claiming it, I'm officially addicted.


  1. I was there too! I didn't have tickets, but had a front row Jumbotron view. Needless to say it was thrilling no matter where you were. I too am completely and utterly addicted to all things Obama. That's our President! God, I'm glad I lived to see this day! Excuse me, I have to go cry again, then watch some more Obama updates... What's that? Is he signing some papers? Is that Malia coming in from school? Talk to you later, gotta go.....!

  2. I wasn't officially there, but i was there too...i love this man.. I love his family.. they inspire to so much... you have to smiley when you see them, just knowing his back-ground and how far his come it's GREAT, it's WONDERFUL wont be easy, but life never is ...I'll be checking on him every day ....God Bless Him!!....V

  3. I'll be there right with ya'll watching their every move. This has definitely become my new favorite pastime. I am about to go and buy a DVD recorder so I can burn all of the Inauguration footage I DVR'd while I was in DC.