Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ain't no shame in the game...

Alot of my poll questions come directly from conversations with friends (yes, we probably spend a lot more time than necessary talking about sex and the politics of sex). But then there are some questions that come straight out of the inappropriate/ politically incorrect corner in my mind. I'll admit, the question, "Do you remember everyone that you've ever had sex with?" came out of the corner.

And I must admit, it is really impressive to learn that a whopping 80% of you guys are able to recall the names of ALL the people you've slept with. Most of us have been at this for more than a decade, so my guess is either you're really good at holding out, secretly keeping a list or got the memory of a freakin' elephant.

As for the 20% who can't... Well lets just say, I'm not mad. Shoot, unless you're out there having unprotected sex, who needs to remember all the names of people that in the grand scheme of life meant as much as the UPS man that drops off packages at your mom's house?

Keep it real, don't we all lie about the number anyway? If it's super high, you're gonna make it lower to avoid seeming slutty. If it's super low, you've got to make it higher for anyone to believe you. Sorry kids, that's just the breaks.

Bottom line, there are more important things to remember (like the name of the girl in the Catherine Malandrino store that can hook me up with a discount) than the guy who couldn't get it up without wearing his favorite sweatsocks. Right?


  1. again, you are ooc...and I love it...I threw away my list about 5 years ago, when I got involved with the man I thought I was going to marry (a whole 'nuther story)...I kept it just in case I had to kill somebody if I ever got "something"....even though I don't have the list I remember those jokers...and how about one is popping up and finding me on facebook like every 6 weeks...gotta love FB...jd

  2. I agree. Your Catherine Maladrino contact is infinitely more important. Lol. Cuz we can like without some memories but we CANNOT live without Miss Catherine.
    Priorities love, priorities. : )

  3. I can remember all of them if last names are not a requirement and you are only referencing intercourse... I am such an angel. cheers!!!