Monday, January 12, 2009

not you...

Um, WHY did the Mayor of Baltimore just get indicted on 12 counts of accepting illegal gifts, four counts of perjury and two counts of theft over $500? Seriously? 8 measly days away from the first Black President being sworn into office and THIS is what you wanna do Sheila Dixon?

Talking about, "I am being unfairly accused. Time will prove that I have done nothing wrong, and I am confident that I will be found innocent of these charges."

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we already know the story S-Boogie. They set you up. They MADE you take the gifts. Umm-hmm, okay Mayor Berry... I mean Dixon. My bad. I dont know why I keep getting the names of all the crackhead Mayors mixed-up like that. So sorry.

Can I tell you? Initially, in the spirit of having hope and believing in change, I really, really wanted to belileve that there was a misunderstanding. But once I read the list of 'gifts': fur coat, travel and multiple gift certificates for an XBox, PlayStation2, camcorder and clothes... Fur coat and an Xbox? Man listen, lock that trick up under the jail.

I swear, this is just further proof that everybody ain't gonna make it into the promiseland.


  1. Mayor Berry is D.C. not Baltimore, and just because they are both African-American, they are not both involved in illegal drug activity. In fact, most power is gained through twisted transaction. So, it is more of the nature of the beast called called politics than the color of skin that should be noted. A week before inauguration, you should see character not color. The most outstanding political thugs are not black, so in terms of racial pride, you should be elated that it is just gifts.

  2. You're so right about the DC v. Baltimore. I made the change.

    How-some-ever, while accepting bribes and stealing isn't drug activity, it is CRACKHEAD type activity. And while in general I try to always focus on character regardless of color, but truth is, the Mayor's color does make me doubly cringe.
    And I will not be eleated. It all sucks and she should be ashamed for putting herself in this position over a freaking fur coat, XBox and some travel money. In fact, I'd prob respect her MORE if there was a HUGE monetary gain involved.