Monday, January 26, 2009

may I offer you some Mitchum...

Oh Lord, the things I get myself into...

This weekend, I let Angela convince me to take a bikram yoga class with her and her hilarious daughter, Iyana. Please don't ask why. Because if there are one thing that I know about myself, it's that I have a very sensitive sense of smell. So you already know... 90 min in a 110 degree room with a bunch of scantily clad strangers? Jesus be a stick of extra strong deodorant.

But you know what? Wonders of all wonders, I LOVED it!

Don't get it twisted, the smell is no joke. Like, my eyes watered from the moment I entered the building. It took me at least 10 minutes to stop gasping for breath. Even the waiting area stunk of stale arm pitt funk. And please believe I NEVER got to the point where I didn't smell the odor. I don't know if it was the humidity in the air, the moist carpeting in the studio or the dude next to me whose sweat beads popped off of his entire body like shooting bullets but it was a lot.
However, I had such a good time attempting all the crazy positions- have you ever tried to wrap your arm around your back and into your inner thigh?- that it wasn't until the last five minutes that I started to feel worn out. I'd say, right around the time the water in my bottle started to taste lukewarm. Yeah, actually that was also kinda gross now that I think about it...
But I digress. Big picture: it was dope. So thank you Ang. I am so ready to go again.
I'm telling you, 2009 is about to be a big year... First, the inauguration and now bikram yoga? It's about to go down.


  1. I'm telling you...check out Some Like It Hot Yoga ( They pride themselves on not being smelly. The studio is all wood (some bikram locations have carpet) and they burn insence (and play music), I think their temp is closer to 100...never feels like 110. I went to a bikram class in Hoboken and the smell almost knocked me out (rather than the heat or dehydration).

  2. I love Bikram. Going to teacher training in the Spring.

  3. Love, love, love Bikram. Stay away from the carpets. It makes all the difference : )