Tuesday, January 6, 2009

more slaps and less time-outs...

Will somebody puh-lease explain to me what in the unholy-unsupervised-destined for jail-BeBe's kids hell is going on in this world?

According to the AP, a four-year old boy in southern Ohio purposely shot his baby-sitter. Yup you read that correctly. But wait on it... the pre-schooler didn't do it because the sitter was, oh I don't know, physically/ sexually abusing him or something horrible like that. No, that would've been too much like right. This fool shot his sitter because the 18 year-old accidentally stepped on his foot!!! WTF!?!?!?!?
WHO THE HELL IS THIS KID??? Damn Scarface reincarnated? Lil' dude isn't even in kindergarten. He probably doesn't even know his ABC's or how to count past the number 20... And yet this pint-sized psychopath is popping off at the age of FOUR?? Uh-uh.

If you ask me, his parents need to be the first ones locked up under the jail from now until forever. Mmm-hmmm.
'Cause why was there a loaded gun laying around in the crib where a four year-old can reach it? And since it's obviously one of those households where the TV not the adults educate the children-what in the world kind of violent ass shows and video games did they expose him to?
Oh and as for that little mo-fu? His ass needs Jesus.
Damn a juvenile hall. He needs to be locked up in a monastery far, far away with jedi-master monks that can read his mind. And will KARATE CHOP THAT ASS every time he even dreams about doing something out-of-pocket.
It's officially the end of days. Someone please pull the little red wagon around, I'm tagging out.


  1. My God, I'm on. the. floor.

    You're certified.

    (That is a damn shame, though. Real talk. Damn.)

  2. I have tears in my eyes ...WHY?...WHY? ...V